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Ideas for Arranging Fun and Unforgettable Bachelor Party

If you were asked to organize the party for your friend, you will love these ideas to organize fun and unforgettable bridal showers. Fun! Fun! Fun!
Ideas for organizing hilarious and unforgettable bridal showers.
When organizing a farewell, you have to respect the wishes of the bride. But do not despair as there are as many ways to celebrate bridal showers as brides. From a full weekend in Vegas or a henna party to a spa day.
The important thing is to enjoy this special moment to the maximum. From how to decorate and decorate the celebration to ideas of games to enjoy with your friends. We share some ideas to organize fun and unforgettable hen parties!

How to Organize Fun Bachelor Parties

Undoubtedly, one of the most anticipated moments for girlfriends friends are the hen parties. But the bride probably does not want to know anything about being disguised, gifted little toys or brought to the boys. But that does not mean that the party is not fun or memorable. Check out these ideas! But before you do not stop inviting! Here are a couple ideas for invitations for hen parties fun and totally unforgettable.

To laugh without stopping! With games and ideas for hilarious Bachelor parties

Private a lounge for a session with everything for the farewell: Brazilian mani / pedi, express makeup (or eyelash extension, massage and sauna), cocktails, catering, sweets and chocolate. Also, for the bride, a special treatment. Presents the cocktails in little champagne bottles decorated with the theme of the bachelorette party and “funny straws”. This will create a more personalized detail.
Build a photo booth session. Whatever the style of the celebration, photo booth is always a good idea to organize hilarious bridal showers. You can create one yourself. Choose some corner of the house and prepare funny or sexy objects to decorate the photos.
Remember to feed those present. Do you dare to put together a cake with ring-shaped cupcakes?
If you organize the farewell in the house of the bride (or yours) a game that does not fail, is to “dress the bride with toilet paper”. Distribute several rolls of paper, arm two groups and choose a jury. Each team should create their ideal wedding dress design. An effective, fun and super economic game.

Tattoos with Henna are super cool. Hire a makeup artist who specializes in Henna tattoos and sets up a makeup session with Henna for hands, face or feet!
Surprise girlfriends with a “kissing box”. Choose a base of paper or cloth and put a lip or lipstick (or several) and something to write. The idea is to leave a kiss and a dedication for the guest of honor. After the farewell, and give it to the bride. You will love having it as a souvenir.

10 Best Ideas For A Bachelor Party

You have to organize a bachelor party and do not know where to start?

Then you’re at the right place. In this post we will offer you 10 original ideas for a bachelor party, both traditional and original: from the typical limousine to an afternoon of sports or tastings. The first thing we advise is that you give a different touch to the farewell and take advantage to organize a group trip, which for some reason we are the first Spanish travel agency specialized in group travel for stag parties!

In addition to encouraging you to travel, we propose 10 ideas to organize an alternative bachelor party, in the most fun, crazy, original and unforgettable way you can imagine.


Let’s fight with paintballs! Two teams face each other in order to eliminate all players from the opposing side or complete a goal (such as capturing a flag or eliminating someone). There are many places that organize this type of “battles” in enclosed spaces and scenarios adapted for it. It is a very good option if you are a group of at least 10 people.


Can you think of a better way to download all the adrenaline with your friends than throwing a Formula 1 race inside a circuit of Karts? Advances, speed and competition to pass an unforgettable experience.

Bachelor party adventure

Are you looking for some adventure for your bachelor party? We propose several alternatives to spend an adventurous bachelor party: rafting, canyoning, canoeing, horse riding, zip line, archery, bungee jumping, balloon ride, a plane trip or a negative jump are some ideas of outdoor activities For this special occasion.

Bachelor party on boat

What better way to dismiss singleton than aboard a sailboat, cruise or catamaran. The Fun Plan offers tours of this type in Ibiza, Tenerife, Barcelona, Sanxenxo, Rome, Porto, Lisbon, Algarve, Amsterdam, Prague … almost anywhere in Europe) to something more lively like boat parties with DJs.

Bachelor party original idea

Farewells with Limousine

Without doubt the ideal transport for a unique day is a limousine in which to tour the city with all your friends to the rhythm of the music and the champagne, to give a touch of glamor to the event. Also, it is possible that a stripper with you. You can choose two types of limousine: the Lincoln limousine (the usual) and the Hummer limousine, higher and molona for farewells.


The choice of tastings never goes unnoticed and is valued much like a more tranquil plan. It can also be a unique moment to show your friends your exquisite winemaking skills. However, it is not all wine tasting: you can do a tasting of gintonics in Porto or learn to make the best cocktails from the hands of a professional bartender.

Theme Restaurants

It is one of the most classic options and no less fun. Can you imagine bachelor party in a restaurant inspired by a mansion of terror, in the wonderland of Alice or surrounded by Drags Queens? Of course the event will not go unnoticed.

Within the farewells in restaurants or gastronomic we also want to mention the culinary or tapas routes that will certainly leave you “a good taste”.

Bachelor party sports

Are you passionate about sports? It is becoming more and more time to organize sports-themed farewells. How? Taking advantage of an interesting sporting event: a football match of Champions or the selection, go to Roland Garros or to Wimbledon or the Final Four of basketball. But also riding a little football with colleagues or a paddle tennis tournament between all.

Bachelor party original idea

Party bus

Have fun with your friends in a different way: It’s a unique concept, a moving nightclub. They pick you up and take you on a tour of the city with a Dj, who will be in charge of temazos temazos in this motorized disco.

Beer Bike

Also known as the “Bici-birra”, the “beer bike” is a structure the size of a minibus with space for 16 pedal boats that, sitting on wooden stools around a U-shaped minibar, can go for a few beers Along the way. As a cane, just pedaling and … the bar moves! They became fashionable in Amsterdam but nowadays they are already habitual in many of the main cities of Spain as for example in Madrid, Barcelona, ??Valencia or Seville.

What do you think our proposals? We have left each other, because the possibilities are endless! If you have doubts or if you have a proposal, leave a comment.